jigsaw #8, happening now:

the themes are art and activism/music and protest/what to do in face of war and the bush administration/what is happening in the left/what kind of world do we want to live in and how does this fit into our lives as creative people?


check this stuff out--

writing by:

chris o'kane

layla gibbons

alan licht




becca albee interviews argentinian artist leticia el hali obeid

brett lyman interviews ian 'igor' svenonius

check back next week for more of jigsaw number 8 as it continues to happen with writing by tobi vail, john hartl, sam mcpheeters, and more!

also coming: dave stone interviews sharon cheslow, tobi vail interviews the quails, ms. holly wood interviews shoplifting and a piece on the rock and roll camp for girls!


the jigsaw underground this ish will include:


joey casio

measles, mumps, rubella

the gossip

the old haunts

the casual dots

erase errata

property is theft

bands against bush

pogo for peace

scream club



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